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Yoga has a deep rooted history in Sri Lanka. It is practiced widely in Ashrams and retreats and now in a growing number of hotels, guesthouses, eco-retreats, and holiday villas around the island, often in conjunction with guided meditation sessions and Ayurveda therapies. We are able to offer advice on the best Yoga retreats in the island. We also have a range of Yoga and Ayuveda-focused holidays.

Yoga dates back to the Vedic period in India at least 5,000 years ago which was a significant period of cultural and spiritual development. The word `Yoga' is derived from the Sanskrit root 'yuj' which means to merge or unite. Yoga is based on the concept that the body and breath are intimately connected with the mind. By controlling breathing and holding the body in steady postures, known in yogic terms as 'Asanas', stagnant energy centres open up, contributing to better physical health, mental peace and well-being. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years in South Asia as a beneficial complement to Ayurvedic medicine and healing. Ayurveda and Yoga come from the same philosophical background and examines the mind– body relationship from the perspective of maintenance of health and the treatment of disease. Today, people are turning to yoga for many reasons from stress management to maintaining optimum levels of health and well-being.

We have designed a few yoga-focused holidays with each providing a week's stay in one of the wellness retreats around the island in addition to another nine to ten days of holiday that allows the traveler to experience Sri Lanka's most beautiful and tranquil landscapes – from the cultural triangle to the southwest. Each provides a personal journey of inner peace: Yoga to create inner balance between mind and body; Meditation to improve your concentration; and an option of benefiting from Ayurveda, an ancient holistic approach to life, good health, and healing. As always, we will be happy to tinker with these set itineraries to design the perfect holiday for you.


Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka in the third century B.C and become an integral part of the country's culture with a majority of Sri Lankans following the Buddha's teachings. Meditation is an integral part of Buddhism, practiced to achieve a balance of mind which helps alleviate the stresses of modern life. Meditation is conducted at most Temples and Buddhist centres across the country while some of the Ayurveda and Yoga retreats conduct guided meditation sessions as an integral part of their holistic wellbeing programmes.

Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka in the third century B.C. when Emperor Asoka of India sent his son, Mahinda, to the island and introduced Buddhism to the reigning Sinhalese king Devanampiya Tissa (250BC – 207 BC). The king eventually became a powerful patron of Buddhism and established temples and the monastery of Mahavihara, which became the historic center of Theravada Buddhism in Sri Lanka. King Devanampiya Tissa followed the Indian emperor's strategy of merging the political state with Buddhism. As a result, Buddhism became an integral part of Sinhalese culture and civilisation. Buddhism also had a great effect on the literary development of the island. It was in Sri Lanka that the oral teachings of the Buddha – the Tripitaka – were committed to writing for the first time. The language of these Buddhist scriptures, Pali, influenced the development of the Sinhala language. Since the third century B.C. to date, Buddhism continues to play an integral part in the lives of a majority of Sri Lankans in the country. In addition, the island's Buddhist monks play a significant role in spreading Buddha's teachings worldwide.

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